Review – FUSE


FUSE is a real time co-operative game in which you have a number of ‘bombs’ to diffuse in just 10 minutes and you must diffuse them all to win! Each bomb is a card which requires certain colours or values of dice to be placed on them in different combinations.

Each player has two bomb cards at a time to diffuse, you roll a number of dice equal to the number of players and you must be able to place all dice on a bomb card, otherwise this can cause dice to be removed from bombs, potentially setting you all back!

If you diffuse all the bombs between you in 10 minutes, your team wins, otherwise, well… you’re all getting blown up!

Player Count1 – 5 players
Age10 +
Play Time10 mins
Weight1.72 / 5
PublisherRenegade Game Studios
clone tag: -5830511331359837026


The game play is simple: roll dice, place dice, remove dice if you can’t place all dice. It obviously plays very quick as each game is played in just 10 minutes, which makes the game pretty frantic to say the least!

It’s enjoyable and challenging but as with all games involving dice, it is extremely luck driven. Roll the wrong numbers over and over and you risk setting the whole team back and not defusing enough bombs.


Everything in this game is super thematic, the dice are nice and chunky and the artwork is clear and concise. Although the symbols can sometimes confuse new players, they are usually picked up after the first game or two.

There is a companion app, which is effectively just a timer and scoreboard but the sound effects makes the whole game feel much more immersive, so I’d definitely recommend using this over a standard timer!

clone tag: 1512025845303289318


The rule book is well written and as a simple game, it’s pretty easy to teach. As previously mentioned, there are lots of icons to go through, but that’s really not too much of an issue as it’s a co-op and you can play a quick tutorial game first as each game only takes 10 minutes.


As it plays in just 10 mins we always end up playing a few games in a row trying to beat it. The set up is minimal so it’s easy to get the game to the table even as just a filler.

FUSE is a game for up to 5 players and plays well at all player counts so it’s pretty versatile and can even be played solo, if that’s your jam! There’s also a lot of card which allows you to add different difficulty levels which really helps the replayability.

OVERALL SCORE 30/40 = 7.5


… you like realtime games
… you want a short but addictive co-op game
… you don’t HATE dice.

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