About me

16105621_10158482214235725_4092184465337637920_nHey, I’m Board Geek Girl although people usually call me Carly. Or Tomato but that’s a whole other story… I live in the fine city of Norwich, in the UK.

I got into board games about 3 years ago now and it’s completely taken over my life! In a good way. Although my bank balance may disagree…

My favourite things are: coffee, gin, cheese, dogs, board games, comic books and watching way too much TV

Favourite Board Game?

Pandemic and every expansion/variation of it!

Favourite TV Show?

Game of Thrones

Favourite Comic Book


Favourite Gin?

Monkey 47

Favourite Cheese?

Well that’s a personal question… I mean, would you ask a parent who their favourite child was?! I love all my cheeses equally.