Review – 7 Wonders

7 Wonders is a card drafting, tableau building game. You are competing to build up your city’s resources and score the most victory points. You can raise armies to defend your city against your neighbours as well as trade with them. Or maybe you’ll choose to develop science and culture to advance to victory!

The game is played over 3 ‘ages’ with each player being given a hand of 7 cards. The game play is simple, you choose a card to build and play it to your tableau and then pass the hand of cards to your neighbour, receiving a new hand from the other side, this continues until there are no more cards to pass. There are a few other options available such as building a Wonder instead but most of the time you’ll be building up resources, military, science or going straight for victory points.

Player Count2 – 7 players
Age10 +
Play Time30 mins
Weight2.34 / 5
PublisherRepos Production



I love card drafting as a mechanic and in my opinion, 7 Wonders is the best card drafting game! It’s a surprisingly quick game once you understand all the icons and it scales well from 3-7 players, although it is better on the higher end of the player counts. The 2 player mode is no good, 7 Wonders Duel is far superior if you want a 2 player game!


7 Wonders is a beautiful game, and the iconography used is intuitive without taking away from the overall look of the game.

The only downside is the amount of table space needed for games with high player count, but I love the way it fills the table, personally!



The amount of cards and symbols looks overwhelming at first but everything is actually pretty intuitive! I’ve taught this game to so many people and after the first game everyone has picked it up easily and wants more! There is also a handy guide for the symbols so players who are unfamiliar with the game can check that rather than ask other players.


Once this game hits the table it’s hard to get it back in the box! As it plays so quick we often play multiple games in a row. The set up and take down is minimal so it’s an easy game to get to the table often provided you have the right amount of players. There’s a huge amount of expansions too, with even more on the way, but the base game is one of our most played games and we’re still not bored of it!

OVERALL SCORE 34 / 40 = 8.5


… you like Sushi Go. 7 Wonders is the next step up in card drafting games!
… you’re looking for a quick, light to medium weight game, that can play up to 7 people!
… you enjoy minimal player interaction.

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