Gifts for Board Gamers!

Christmas is fast approaching so I have scoured the internet to find some awesome gifts for board gamers, that aren’t board games!


Metal Coin Upgrades

Metal coin upgrades are probably my favourite board game upgrades, they range from universal unit coins, which are great for all kinds of games, game specific coins (such as Scythe), or theme specific (such as pirate).


Left: Unit Coins from Drawlab (€24 for 30 coins)
Middle: Scythe Coins from Stonemaier ($30 for 80 coins)
Right: Pirate Coins from Drawlab (€24 for 24 coins)

Component Upgrades

A lot of board games come with simple cardboard tokens known as chits, these are often more functional and economical than they are attractive or practical (they can be difficult to handle at times!). Token upgrades often replace these chits with wood or acrylic versions which are more tactile and aesthetically pleasing.

Some other great upgrades are 3D components which simply add visual appeal to an otherwise flat board.  

BG Upgrades

Top row: Meeple Source Upgrade Kits (L – Dead of Winter $35, R – Orléans $31)
Bottom row: L – Terraforming Mars Tiles from BG Expansions (from €13.95)
R – Eldritch/Arkham Horror gate holders from Gaming Trunk ($2 CAD each)


Game Inserts

Game inserts are great for speeding up set-up and pack-up of games and can often help during game play too by storing cards/tokens on the table. 


Top row: Meeple Realty (from $14.99 each)
Bottom row: Folded Space (from £11.99 each)

Storage Solutions

The Board Game Geek store has some awesome storage solutions to facilitate game play as well as in-box storage.

BGG Gifts

Top row: Storage bags for Scythe and Castles of Burgundy ($12.00 each set)
Bottom row: Bit Bowls (from $3.80 each) and Card holders ($5.00 each)

Mugs & Meeples


Disclaimer: Mint & Mustard is my own store so I am obviously affiliated with it!

Cool retro hues (1)

Board Game inspired mugs from Mint & Mustard – £9.50 each


Every board gamer loves meeples, right?

meeple gifts

Top row: L – Meeple Pin £7 approx., R – Cthulhu Meeple Keyring £6.99.
Bottom row: L – Meeple Cushion £32 approx., R – Meeple Necklace £22.

Happy Holidays and Merry Meeples to all!

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