New & Improved!

Today we have a new update over on Board Game Caddie and it’s a pretty big one! First of all we have some new and improved filters:

  • You can now filter your collection by mechanics and categories
  • We have added min & max playing time filters
  • You can now set the rating to ‘unrated’ to allow easy filtering of unplayed games
  • We have added a checkbox to hide any games set to ‘for trade’ on BGG
  • You can now set player count to filter by ‘Best’, ‘Recommended’ and ‘Not Recommended’

BGC screenshot1

The second part of the update is, we hope, a huge improvement on speed and re-usability! We’ve mentioned previously that the speed at which BGCaddie can retrieve a collection is down to the API from BGG and while this is still true, we have developed a couple of workarounds for this issue!

Now the first time you use BGCaddie it is still going to take a minute or two especially for large collections. But once retrieved, BGCaddie will now store a cached copy of your collection meaning the next time you log in, your collection will be instantly available. BGCaddie will then work in the background to retrieve your most up to date collection from BGG and allow you to refresh your collection should you wish!

BGC screenshot2

I would also like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has shared this project and given us such great feedback, please keep it coming and we will continue to make Board Game Caddie your go to Game Selection Tool! Our next update will hopefully include, amongst other things, multiple usernames to allow game groups to combine their collections so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you want to be kept up to date on future updates! Or if you are a regular on Board Game Geek then you can subscribe to the thread here and join in the conversation!


*Originally published by me on the Board Game Caddie Facebook page

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