7 Games in 1

As Daniel and I work together, we often play games during our lunch hour, so I came up with this compact solution to fit multiple games all in one box! Hanabi is one of our favourite lunchtime games so I needed a box with an extra compartment for tokens etc. and found this particular one at Chaos Cards, which was perfect!

Having multiple games in one box is so handy to quickly pick up on the way out to game nights, to the pub or even for weekends away, to ensure we are never without a game! Our game box usually contains around 6-7 games, here’s what’s in it at the moment…

No Thanks

3-7 Players | 10-20 minutes | Z-Man Games


No Thanks is a simple card game ideal for a larger group. On your turn you either pass (paying in a chip), or pick up the card (along with accumulated chips). If you run out of chips you are forced to pick up. The key to No Thanks is picking up the right cards at the right time, pushing your luck, letting the chips build up on the card you want but taking it before someone else does!


2-4 Players | 5-10 minutes | Asmadi Games


Red7 is one of our favourite lunchtime games as it works great with 2 players and plays super quick. It’s similar to Fluxx in that the rules change as you play but I find it allows for much more strategy, and relies on luck a lot less!


2-5 Players | 25 minutes | R&R Games


Another lunchtime favourite which works really well with 2 players is Hanabi. When I first played this game I hated it, couldn’t get used to not looking at my own cards, but it really grew on me and mastering the game felt like such an accomplishment that it was well worth the perseverance!

Welcome to the Dungeon

2-4 Players | 30 minutes | IELLO


As with all IELLO games, Welcome to the Dungeon is a very attractive game! It’s a push your luck game where you must choose whether to add more monsters to the dungeon, remove a protective item from the warrior or pass, sacrificing your chance to be victorious. The last player standing must then enter the dungeon, with only the protection that remains and face the horrors within. If you escape the dungeon with your life you win the round and the first player to win two rounds wins the game. The game includes four warriors but I just choose one to keep in the box and swap it over from time to time.


2-6 Players | 20 minutes | Cheapass Games


Deadfall is a quick fire bluffing game where you either call people out on their bluff or trick them into calling you out when you aren’t bluffing! The game suggests you use poker chips to keep track of points, but a pencil and paper will suffice.

Love Letter

2-4 Players | 20 minutes | AEG


Love Letter is a classic game and with so many re-themes available I imagine a lot of people already have this game in their collection in one guise or another. With only 16 cards, this game has a tiny footprint so nearly always remains in the box. A premium version has also just been released which adds in new cards allowing the game to be played by up to 8 players!

Pass the Pigs

2-6 Players | 20 minutes | Winning Moves Games

pass the pigs

Pass the Pigs is nearly 40 years old but still makes a great pub game, especially with non-gamers. There’s not really a limit on how many players you can have, I think we’ve had games of 10-15 people before! The game is so simple, you roll the pigs like dice and score based on how they land… Sounds a little boring, but inexplicably this game can be hilarious in the right crowd! The other thing that makes Pass the Pigs so great for the pub, is there are no cards to get damaged by spilled drinks and sticky tables, just durable little pigs!


*Originally published by me on the Board Game Caddie Facebook page

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