Five Favourite Fillers

This week I have a quick top 5 for you, for our favourite filler games! A filler for me needs to be three things:

  1. Quick to setup
  2. Easy to learn
  3. Plays within around 30 minutes

Filler games are always a great addition to any board game collection. They can be used as the ‘palette cleanser’ between the longer, heavier games that make up the bulk of a game night, or as a quick ‘school night’ game. They also make handy travel games as they are usually pretty compact!

Bang! The Dice Game

3-8 Players | 15 – 45 minutes | dV Giochi


Image Credit: Board Geek Girl

Bang! The Dice Game is, you’ve guessed it, a dice game… Think Yahtzee in the Wild West! The game incorporates hidden roles and social deduction, making it a winner amongst our usual gaming group.

Depending on your hidden role, you’ll have a particular objective, such as kill or protect the sheriff, be the last man standing, or kill all outlaws and renegades as the Sheriff. This game becomes particularly fun to play when you have a Renegade in play, as it is often difficult to discern who is the Deputy and who is the Renegade, leaving plenty of room for bluffing and back stabbing!

The set up is extremely quick and the game is easy enough to pick up, but has enough depth to keep you coming back for more.

Incan Gold

3-8 Players | 20 minutes | Eagle-Gryphon Games


Image Credit: Board Geek Girl

Incan Gold is a fun little ‘push your luck’ game. Everyone who we’ve played this with absolutely loves it, although this might be down to the fact that most of our gaming group suffer from severe gamble-itis…

You play as intrepid explorers searching a temple for treasure, however there are curses and traps awaiting you! How long you decide to stay in the temple will determine your fate. The longer you stay, the more treasure you can amass, but draw two curse cards and you will lose it all!

Finding a perfect balance between pushing your luck and getting out at the right time is essential to allow you to keep your treasure and add it to your tent. After 5 expeditions the explorer with the most gems wins.


2-6 Players | 15 minutes | Indie Boards & Cards


Image Credit: Board Geek Girl

If you are a fan of The Resistance Dystopian Universe but want a game that plays a little quicker or with slightly less betrayal then give Coup a try!

Coup is a last man standing game that pits players against each other. Each player is dealt two secret character cards, there are 5 characters available and 3 copies of each. Each character has it’s own unique ability, such as taking coins or assassinating other characters. But the twist is, you can outright lie about which character cards you have and attempt the carry out the abilities of other characters. This is what I like to call the Duke effect because you can guarantee in the first round, miraculously, everyone is a Duke and takes loads of coins from the treasury!

However if you feel someone is lying about their identity you can challenge them. If you are correct they discard one of their characters, but if they were in fact telling the truth then you must discard one of your characters! The last person to have a character wins the game…

Sushi Go Party!

2 – 8 Players | 20 minutes | Gamewright

sushi v2

Image Credit: Board Geek Girl

Sushi Go is a great filler game and a perfect introduction to the Card Drafting mechanic. WARNING: Sushi Go can lead to harder drugs such as 7 Wonders.

Sushi Go Party is the big brother of Sushi Go, and if you don’t own either and would like to, then I would definitely recommend going straight for Sushi Go Party as you get a lot more game for your money, and it allows for up to 8 players rather than 5. The set up takes a little longer in Sushi Go Party but you should still manage to fit in a game within 30 minutes or so.

The board is a really nice upgrade to the original version allowing you to keep score as you go through the three rounds. And the artwork is more adorable than ever!


3-6 Players | 15 – 45 minutes | Lui-même


Image Credit: Board Geek Girl

Skull (a.k.a Skull & Roses) is a very simple bluffing game. Each player has 4 cards, consisting of 3 flowers and 1 skull, you take it in turns laying one card facedown. Once everyone has played at least 1 card you can begin the auction phase by stating how many flowers you think you could turn up from all the cards played so far. The next person can either up the bid or pass, continuing around the table until all but 1 player has passed.

Then it’s time to start flipping those cards… As soon as you turn up a skull the round ends and you lose one of your 4 cards at random. Turn up the correct amount of flowers and you win the round, the first player to win two rounds wins the game!

So what filler games do you and your game group love to play? Remember, Board Game Caddie can help you pick out the perfect fillers for your next game night, simply set the filters to 30 minutes plus the number of players you have!


*Originally published by me on the Board Game Caddie Facebook page

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