Gaming with Ghosts and Ghouls

Modern board games were basically made for Halloween, literally spanning all genres from Zombies and Vampires to Ghosts and Werewolves. And let us not forget our good friend Cthulhu, he get’s around a little to say the least…

Board Geek Girl Halloween picks

Mansions of Madness

1-5 Players | 60 – 360 minutes | Fantasy Flight


Image Credit: Fantasy Flight

Mansions of Madness Second Edition is a fully cooperative exploration game where you will face all manner of Lovecraftian horrors!

The game is app driven allowing you to play as a team of investigators against the app which oversees the cultists and creatures. That is until one of you goes insane, then who knows which side you will be on! The board is made up of modular room tiles which are added by the app as you explore buildings or even entire towns.

We’re big fans of this game, it’s the usual high quality you expect from Fantasy Flight and the app works really well but be prepared to spend some time on this one as some scenarios run 4-6 hours long!

Betrayal at House on the Hill

3-6 Players | 60 minutes | Avalon Hill


Image Credit: Avalon Hill

Sure you like your friends and working together to fight against evil is all well and good. But sometimes you just want to turn against them all and join the side of evil! Am I right?!

Enter Betrayal at House on the Hill! You might enter the house as BFF’s but you’ll be leaving it in a body bag… As you explore the house with your friends, you’ll lay room tiles at random, building a unique house every time, until… THE HAUNT.

When the haunt triggers, one of you will be chosen as the betrayer, who will have to go into another room to read through the particular scenario that has been triggered, there are 50 included in the base game, so HUGE replayability in this one! While the dirty rat is out of the room the rest of the players read through the scenario and scheme on how you will defeat the betrayer and escape the house on the hill!

Once both parties have concluded their reading and scheming they come together once more to play through the rest of the game and complete their mission. And ultimately destroy friendships…


2-5 Players | 60 minutes | Atlas Games


Image Credit: Board Geek Girl

Gloom is a macabre game where the aim is to be the first player to kill off your entire family. But not before they have truly suffered!

The artwork in Gloom is wonderfully gothic with the plastic cards designed to be played on top of one another, either adding points and effects or cancelling out previous points and effects.

You play cards from your hand onto your family to make them as miserable as possible whilst also playing ‘happier’ cards onto your opponents families, minimising their suffering. The game encourages you to be creative, interpreting the card effects into your own unfortunate stories. Then once you feel you have amassed enough misery, you must kill off your family, one by one… Cheery, huh?

The Bloody Inn

1-4 Players | 30-60 minutes | Asmodee


Image Credit: Board Geek Girl

If murdering your own family feels a little too personal then maybe The Bloody Inn is for you! In The Bloody Inn you take on the role of greedy innkeepers in 19th Century France. Your aim is to become the richest player and what better way to amass your fortune than by killing off your guests?!

However, you can’t just leave dead bodies scattered around the hotel, you’re going to need some accomplices to help you get away with these heinous crimes and avoid the suspicions of the police…

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game

2-5 Players | 120 minutes | Plaid Hat Games


Image Credit: Plaid Hat Games

No Halloween list would be complete without a dose of Zombies and there are a lot of great games out there that fit the bill but our absolute favourite has to be Dead of Winter! It’s probably the closest you can get to The Walking Dead without an actual apocalypse…

Not only do you have hordes of zombies to fight, you also have the very real task of dealing with other survivors. Building a strong colony of survivors allows you to gather more resources and combat the zombies, but too many survivors and you suddenly find yourself with a lot of mouths to feed!

The game is semi-cooperative, with each player being dealt a secret objective card and potentially a ‘betrayal’ card. To win the game you must complete your secret objectives as well as the overall mission, whichever side you find yourself on. The game also works well as fully cooperative, just leave out the secret objectives and select a harder main mission instead, which is how we often play the game, especially as a two player game.


2-7 Players | 42 minutes | Libellud


Image Credit: Libellud

For something a little more family friendly, Mysterium is a wonderful cooperative game with stunning illustrations and incredible components, this game really is is a work of art!

The game centres around a murder mystery, with one player taking on the role of the victim, trying to communicate with the mediums from beyond the grave. Communication is done in the form of vision cards, which are highly abstract illustrations of exceptionally random things! The mediums must decipher the clues given to them which will point them towards a suspect, location and an object, within 7 rounds before the ‘veil’ between the spirit world and our own closes…

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

3-10 Players | 10 minutes | Bezier Games


Image Credit: Bezier Games

If you are looking for a halloween party game then One Night Ultimate Werewolf ticks that particular box! Allowing for up to 10 players, it’s quick, easy to learn and addictively fun.

The game is simple, all players are dealt a secret role, you will either be one of the various village characters or a werewolf. As a werewolf you must survive the night undetected whilst the village characters try their hardest to sniff you out!

The game comes with a companion app which makes it so easy to set up and also helps to set the tone for the game. Just remember to set the background sounds to something spooky, the Disco setting might not quite set the mood on All Hallows Eve!

King of Tokyo Halloween Expansion

2-6 Players | 30 minutes | IELLO


Image Credit: IELLO

King of Tokyo is a classic game that everyone always loves. But let’s face it, it’s not particularly spooky… unless you add in the Halloween Expansion!

We’ve not had a chance to play with this particular expansion, but we’ve heard great things and would love to add it to our collection one day (if it ever comes back in stock!).

So what games will you be playing this Halloween, any that I missed? If you’re getting a group together for a gaming session, then Board Game Caddie is here to help you plan!


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