Preview – Go Dotty

Go Dotty is a strategic two player game that combines elements of noughts and crosses and domino’s. The aim of the game is lay tiles of your colour to make as many horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines of three as you can, the player at the end of the game with the most lines is the winner.

Please note this is a pre-production prototype of the game, elements of the game and design may change at the publishers discretion.

Each player starts with five tiles of their colour that are drawn from their own bag of tiles. All tiles are four sided and have a number of dots from one to four along each edge. Players take turns to play tiles to the board ensuring that the dots on all sides of their tile match that of any adjacent tiles. After playing a tile the player draws a new tile from their tile bag. Play continues until the board is full or neither player can lay a tile.

As well as the regular tiles each player has a number of “Blank” tiles that display no dots. These tiles can be laid in spots where other tiles are not allowed. For example, the rules forbid making a line of 4 tiles in any direction of your colour. A blank tile, however, may be played in this forbidden spot allowing a player to block their opponent or open up more playable spaces for themselves.

Go Dotty is a simple yet strategic little game. It is easy to learn and play but I also believe that the more you play the more strategy could be developed and I would imagine that if played against the same opponent, or an opponent of similar experience, the game would become highly strategic and require far more thought than the premise initially suggests.

We have only played the prototype copy of the game so it is hard to pass any judgement on the standard of the components. The board is reversible giving players option of both a basic game and an advanced game with more available squares on the board to place your tiles. In this prototype copy the design on the tiles was clear and easily understandable. The tile holders (like scrabble letter holders) were also a nice touch which made it easy to view and sort your tiles.

Overall I would recommend Go Dotty for anyone who enjoys strategic two player games. The simplicity of the gameplay means it can easily be played with children and non-gamers whilst also offering an intriguing option for more experienced gamers who are looking for a quick strategic fix that doesn’t take hours to play but does get your brain working!

Go Dotty is due to launch on Kickstarter Wednesday 30 January 2019.

For more information on Go Dotty and to be notified when the Kickstarter goes live, you can sign up here.

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