D&D(IY) #001

One of my favourite things about playing D&D is the amount of crafting I get to do! Most of the time as a DM its miniatures, maps and props but this is actually a project I made for Daniel, as a player.

Daniel plays a Ranger and recently gained the spell casting ability so when I spotted the Spellbook Cards in our FLGS I decided to pick them up along with this mini Pokémon card folder. Obviously Pokémon isn’t quite the look I was going for so I decided to DIY a new cover using a leather off cut and some blue suede cord I found on eBay, both of which were super cheap!

I measured the folder out on the leather and cut it to fit, then I cut the covers off the mini folder, keeping the spine intact which holds the sleeves. I trimmed the spine a little and rounded the corners so there was no sharp plastic!

I made a couple of slits in the leather where the spine sits and threaded the suede cord through and glued this in place on the reverse.

Finally I use super glue to stick the spine to the leather. I used a couple of coasters and bulldog clips to apply pressure and hold it all together while the glue dried. Stark for life!

And that’s it! A really easy and cheap little spellbook perfect for a Ranger!

Cost of project

  • Spellbook cards £5.00
  • Pokémon folder £3.99
  • Leather £2.49
  • Suede cord £1.29

Total cost = £12.77

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