Who is Board Geek Girl?

Hey, I’m Board Geek Girl, although people usually call me Carly. Or Tomato but that’s a whole other story…

I got into board games nearly 3 years ago now and it’s completely taken over my life! In a good way. Although my bank balance may disagree…

My new years resolution in 2018 was to finally start a blog, so here we are! In the archives you can find some old articles I wrote for Board Game Caddie or posted on Board Game Geek.

What is Board Game Caddie, I hear you ask? It’s an online tool, designed by me and built by my partner Daniel, which can help you decide what game to play from your collection, with the use of filters or the randomiser. You can read more about it in my archive posts here if you’d like!

An interview with Board Geek Girl, by Board Geek Girl…

Favourite Board Game?

Pandemic and every expansion/variation of it (except Contagion… Pandemic should never be uncooperative), Pandemic Legacy Season 1 being the best so far (at time of writing I am playing Season 2 and it is kicking my butt!).

Who do you play board games with?

It’s usually me and Daniel (my partner in crime here) but we’ve gradually got most of our family and friends into gaming too and recently started a fortnightly game group with Daniel’s cousin Simon and his wife Riva as they were interested in playing some of our ‘heavier’ games.

What was your favourite childhood game?


Favourite board game accessory?

A board game table! Or at the very least a large playmat. This is our current board game table, but an upgrade is being built as I write this so watch this space!

Favourite board game artwork?

Oooo I’m torn between Campy Creatures and Scythe. Very different but stunning in their own ways! As I’m interviewing myself I’ll allow it…

Favourite board game designer?

Matt Leacock’s work on Pandemic aside I would probably go with Antoine Bauza – 7 Wonders, Hanabi, Tokaido, Takenoko, Ghost Stories… oh my!

Favourite TV Shows?

Top 5: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Firefly, Sons of Anarchy & Battlestar Galactica (the 2nd time around)

Favourite Comic Books

Saga, Serenity & Rat Queens

Favourite Gin?

Monkey 47

Favourite Cheese?

Well that’s a personal question… I mean, would you ask a parent who their favourite child was?! I love all my cheeses equally.

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