Preview – Occult

Disclaimer: This is a paid preview, images and words are my own.

Occult is a 2 – 5 player card game with heavy take that elements as well as set collection. You will take on the role of a cultist, summoning monsters to take over the world, whilst slaying the monsters of your enemies or playing cards to hinder them so that you can reign supreme! You may form pacts and alliances in this game but those will be short lived as there can only be one winner!

The game structure is very simple, if you have a monster card in your hand at the start of your go, you will place this in front of you as a summoned monster, if you have a previously played monster in front of you at the start of your go, this is ‘levelled up’ and if one of your monsters ever reaches level 3, you win the game! When monsters are first summoned they have a unique effect on the game play, such as skipping another players turn or swapping cards around.

Once monsters have been played or levelled up, it’s time to take your turn! There are 5 cards that you can play and depending on whether you play just a single card or three of a kind, they can have a more powerful effect:

💀 Dancer – x1 Skip next players turn // x3 Skip next 2 players turns
💀 Thief – x1 Steal a card from a player // x3 Steal 3 cards
💀 Merchant – x1 Draw a card then Trade a card // x3 Draw 3 cards, then Trade
💀 Slayer – x1 Set a Monster back a level // x3 Slay a Monster
💀 Banish – x1 Slay a Monster

Not only is slaying the monsters of your enemies beneficial as it stops them from winning, it could actually win you the game because If you manage to slay your third monster, you win!

Occult is now live on Kickstarter, if you would like to see more you can watch my video preview below or you can find the Kickstarter campaign here!

Preview Video

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