Preview – Tattoo Brawl

Disclaimer: This is a paid preview, images and words are my own.

In Tattoo Brawl you will be competing with fellow tattoo artists to design tattoos for your clients and prove to be the best in the business!

Tattoo Brawl is a hand management game where you will need to collect new clients, design the right tattoo based on their preferences and then collect or mix the inks needed to complete the tattoo. All while being sabotaged by other tattoo artists who are trying to poach your clients, steal your tattoo designs or force you to sell your carefully mixed inks.

The game uses colour mixing theory so if a tattoo requires secondary colours (purple, green, orange), you will need to mix your own using the primary inks (red, blue, yellow) available to you. You can store a limited number of inks in your tattoo shop and other tattooists can buy them from you for $50, if you refuse to sell to them, this will cost you a penalty of $300. There are limited inks available in the general supply so using them wisely is vital to completing your tattoos in a timely manner!

On your turn you will have 4 actions to spend. The actions include taking, buying or mixing inks, recruiting clients, drawing new tattoos and starting to tattoo your client and collecting payment. Each tattoo takes a set amount of time, between 1 – 3 rounds to complete. While you are tattooing one client you can prepare for the next one in your waiting room.

There are 5 characters to choose from in the game each with their own unique power and speciality when it comes to the style and placement of tattoos. They receive more money and/or require less time or ink for their specialities, making certain combinations of tattoos and clients optimal!

The game end is triggered once one tattoo artist has completed the required number of tattoos, then the player with the most victory points is the winner! Victory points are gained from tattoos as well as money, with the most time intensive tattoos providing the most victory points.

Tattooing is a pretty unique theme, certainly not one I’ve experienced before, if you would like to know more, Tattoo Brawl is now live on Kickstarter here!

Unboxing Video

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