Round up – Two Player Games

This week I have been sharing some of my favourite 2 player games over on Instagram. Perfect for Valentines day or any other day of the year!

I’m very lucky to have a built in player two and the majority of the games we play, we play just the two of us so I love a great two player game!

Lost Cities

Player Count2 players
Age10 +
Play Time30 mins
Weight1.51 / 5

Lost Cities is a set collection game with a slight push-your-luck feel to it. You are competing to score points on 5 different expeditions (colours sets), you can choose which expeditions to take on and how many but once you start one you’re gonna want to finish it as a started expedition is worth -20 points! Each card you lay (valued 2-10, with only one of each card in each set) adds to your score, so you will need to lay at least 20 points worth of cards just to break even! There are ‘handshake’ cards which double down on your expedition, so if you play one to a certain colour, you will score double points on all cards played to this colour. But that also doubles your -20, so if you play a handshake card to a colour but fail to play any more cards to that set, it’s worth -40 points!

Unbelievably Lost Cities is 20 years old this year and a firm classic in my book! It’s so easy to set up, quick to play and a snap to teach.

7 Wonders Duel

Player Count2 players
Age10 +
Play Time30 mins
Weight2.23 / 5
PublisherRepos Production

All’s fair in love and war and board games… and 7 Wonders Duel is a great 2 player game. If you’re a fan of 7 Wonders I’d definitely recommend this over the 2p variant of the original, I mean, what even is that?! So glad they brought this out instead!


Player Count2 – 5 players
Age8 +
Play Time25 mins
Weight1.70 / 5
PublisherR & R Games

Hanabi is a wonderful two player game if you are looking for a co-operative challenge this Valentine’s Day (or any other day of the year)! It is a game of limited communication where you don’t know what cards are in your own hand but between you, you must play the correct cards in the correct order.

Find out how well you know one another but don’t blame me if you fall out over it! 

Escape Room Games

EXIT The Game

Player Count1 – 6 players
Age12 +
Play Time45 – 150 mins
Weight2.62 / 5


Player Count2 – 6 players
Age10 +
Play Time45 – 75 mins
Weight2.26 / 5
PublisherSpace Cowboys

Escape room games are the perfect way to spend an hour or so, working through all manner of puzzles. They work really well as two player games, so they’re great fun with a loved one! And a lot cheaper than actual escape rooms!

The Exit and Unlock games are my favourites and while some are better than others, they are always highly enjoyable!

Hero Realms

Player Count2 – 4 players
Age12 +
Play Time20 – 30 mins
Weight1.94 / 5
PublisherWhite Wizard Games

Hero Realms much like Star Realms is a great 2 player deck building game. Deck building is one of my favourite mechanisms and Star Realms was my first so will always have a special place in my heart but Hero Realms is in my opinion the better if the two, just! I prefer the theme and art and I really like that they added the co-op campaign too.

We’ve been all in on both Hero Realms Kickstarter campaigns and I’m really looking forward to continuing the campaign! If you’re looking for a compact deck builder I highly recommend both Star Realms or Hero Realms depending on your theme preference mostly.

Duelosaur Island

Player Count2 players
Age10 +
Play Time30 – 45 mins
Weight2.38 / 5
PublisherPandasaurus Games

No two player list would be complete without Duelosaur Island! It may be missing the cute dino meeple of Dinosaur Island but it’s still a great game in it’s own right. I love the colourful art style personally but I know it’s not for everyone.

Duelosaur Island is a hand-management game rather than worker placement. The cards can be used in multiple ways. The trick is choosing whether to create a dinosaur, build new attractions or even discard cards to take other actions.

It’s definitely a game where you will want to try something new each time you play it to perfect your strategy. I look forward to more plays for sure!

While I prefer Dinosaur Island because it’s a great worker placement, it’s is a big meaty game that we don’t always have time for, so Duelosaur is a nice middle ground for us.

Fog of Love

Player Count2 players
Age17 +
Play Time60 – 120 mins
Weight2.31 / 5
PublisherHush Hush Projects

You can’t not include a game that is literally about love on a Valentine’s list. Fog of Love, a romantic comedy in a board game!

Part co-op game, part RPG, in Fog of Love you and another player take on the roles of two people entering into a relationship, facing various challenges like meeting the parents or facing secrets from one another’s past.

It’s a real rollercoaster that’s impossible to predict and quite unlike any game I’ve ever played. Oh and it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

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